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We Supply & Fit Blinds for Munster and Nationwide. Contact us today to view our vast variety of blinds on

Our Blinds

We offer fantastic value for quality made blinds with a comprehensive sales and fitting service. All our blinds are individually made and tailored to our customers’ exact requirements.
Do the windows on your property require blinds or curtains? Then get in contact with Coleman Blinds today 0214841297
We provide a wide range of blinds to suit all tastes including:

Roller blinds

Roller blinds popularity is down to their convenience and flexibility. Coleman Blinds provides roller blinds in a range of different colours and styles and is sure to stock the right roller blind for your properties aesthetic.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds add a chic, elegance to any property. Coleman Blinds stocks a wide variety of quality roller blinds and is available to advise customers on the right roman blinds for their property.

Wood Slat Venetian blinds

Wood Sat Venetian blinds add a touch of traditional elegance to any property. They’re also a convenient solution for home or commercial property owners due to their ease of install and study build.

Venetian blinds

With their ease of install and time-tested longevity, Venetian blinds require very little maintenance and due to their initiative design offer customers unparalleled control over the natural light entering their property.

Vertical blinds

These hanging vertical blinds are the perfect cover for large windows. They instantly give properties a sleek modern aesthetic. Coleman Blinds makes available a full range of vertical blinds in various colours and designs.

Woodweave and Velux Blinds

Woodweave blinds are a beautiful traditional addition to any property. And give any space a warm cosy, atmosphere. Velux blinds offer amazing versatility and are ideally suited for just about any type of window.

Curtains and Curtain Poles

Coleman Blinds provides a range of curtains and curtain poles that suit any taste and any budget. No matter what your property's aesthetic we’re sure to stock the right curtain to compliment your interior's style.

Coleman Blinds’s Service

Our representatives have years of experience and are waiting to assist you in choosing the right blind for your property. Blinds can have a special effect on a room, adding that extra bit of character that might have been missing. Because our blinds are measured, made, and fitted to your liking, you will get that unique feel you have been looking for. So make sure you get yours from the most reliable source in the market. 


If you would like to visit or showroom or you are interested in booking an appointment, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us


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